Find out how much you can save on your bachelor’s degree. 

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"Being a Pearson Accelerated Pathways student has allowed me to pursue my dreams and helped me reach my goal of competing internationally. I can honestly say I don't know if this would have been possible if I had been in a classroom.”

Caitlin Campbell, Olympic Athelete

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Choose the program you like best, and we’ll customize it with low-cost courses from us (building savings right into your degree). We’ll also advise you on recommended course timing to help you graduate on your schedule.

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Once you’ve completed your online college courses through us, we’ll help you transfer into the college you chose, so you can graduate debt free.*




*Pearson Accelerated Pathways' goal is to give you the ability to pay for college without loans. Pearson Accelerated Pathways does not help you with any existing debt and is not responsible if you decide to take out loans in the future.

By knowing every cost upfront and choosing a flexible payment plan, you can pay for college on your budget—without incurring additional debt. 

Not only does Pearson Accelerated Pathways help you save hundreds on every credit, we give you the freedom to pay as you go. No annual tuition required. 

We’ve helped 25,000 reduce their college expenses and stay out of debt.

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Find out how much you can save on your bachelor's degree.

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Next, an advisor will contact you to complete your assessment and discuss your best online college options. You'll get a customized report detailing several exceptional college choices, all customized to your needs.

Find out how much you can save.

This free college assessment helps you find an online college program designed to save you time and money on your bachelor’s degree. 

Our free College Options Report helps you find an online college program guaranteed to save you time and money on your bachelor's degree. Sign up here to talk to an advisor about your best options. (We may be able to save you up to $25,000, enabling you to graduate completely debt free.)

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