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As a member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, take this unique opportunity to provide your employees English and Reading classes and join the nationwide movement to upskill frontline workers.

Through the partnership between the AHLA and Pearson Accelerated Pathways, your employees will have access to Cell-Ed’s award-winning courses. used by leading hotels around the world to prepare their workforce for the future.  Please see below for a list of courses offered and pricing.

Please see below for a list of courses offered and pricing.

Connect - Employees can gain skills on any phone or tablet.

Learn - Employees learn 6 time faster by engaging with 3-minute micro lessons and utilizing two way texting to gain new skills.

Earn - Employees complete courses and programs to earn certificates.



For Cell-E Course and and Pricing Information Available To AHLA Membersclick here



Why Cell-Ed?How do I know Cell-Ed works?How long is a Cell-Ed course?How do I know which course an employee should take?When should my employees study?

Cell-Ed is designed for working adults. Cell-Ed courses teach basic job and life skills along with language, literacy and more. At 3 minutes long, lessons easily fit into adults’ busy schedules and aid effective learning in short bursts.

Why Cell-Ed?

Cell-Ed has been used by thousands. A UCLA study found Cell-Ed users’ reading levels jumped 2 to 4 years in just 4 months (84% faster than traditional classes). Cell-Ed partners include Four Seasons, Chili’s/Maggiano’s, and more.

How do I know Cell-Ed works? 

Basic coaching support is provided for all learners. For technical assistance and questions, learners simply select the “Help” tab on the app. Cell-Ed coaches also may reach out to encourage and support learners.

What support are my employees provided?

Courses take between 5 and 20 hours. Employees can take as many courses as they like. Cell-Ed recommends learners study at least 30 minutes a week. At this rate, learners can finish a full year of learning in 3 to 4 months.

How long is a Cell-Ed course?

Learners take a quick survey that places them in the right course based on their interests, needs and skills. If a course is too easy or too hard, learners can switch courses at any time.

How do I know which course an employee should take?

What support are my employees provided?

Cell-Ed is available 24/7. Please check your company policy on whether staff can use Cell-Ed during work hours.

When should my employees study?

Cell-Ed: What if?